July 12, 2017

I am so excited to bring you my own personal health and fitness program that got me in THE BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE. 




I was blown away by how many of you reached out to me when I first posted about this program, something I have been working on as a passion project for a few months now - you guys even crashed my server 3 times!


To all of you who pre-ordered and purchased a copy within the first 48 hours of me mentioning this program, THANK YOU!! 🙌🏽❤️



I went from having minimal energy, not much of an idea about food or exercise, a very poor opinion of my body and really not the best idea of the direction of my life to feeling STRONG, ENERGETIC, FOCUSED and POSITIVE in what seemed like an instant. I also noticed that other areas of my life started to change and improve at the same time.


This program not only helped totally TRANSFORM my body, but it really did transform my life as I found myself with more energy, positivity, confidence, clarity and focus on what I really wanted from life and these things seemed to start to fall into place the more and more I practiced my programs routines.


Since going through this change personally, it has made me want to share this with people who might be in a similar spot to where I was a number of years ago because I know that if I can achieve all of this, you can too!


If you want to learn from someone who has experienced the ups and downs on this journey, then I urge you to take this small step and give the program that absolutely changed my life a go!


Here is a look at what you’ll find my detailed program that I still use to this day:​

    •    My easy to follow legs / butt / core and upper body conditioning workout                         programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced (for in AND out of the gym)               that target problem areas.

    •    My fat burning cardio routine

    •    Clearly written descriptions and photos on how to perform exercises to                             ensure you have the best form during your workouts 

    •    Gym, home and travel cardio/core workout options

    •    My exact eating plan that helped me drop the weight and build muscle -                         Vegetarian/vegan (pescatarian and poultry options are also included)

    •    The how-tos on staying motivated

    •    How to set goals you'll always want to achieve

    •    Food guidelines

    •    The importance of hydration and how much H20 you should be drinking

    •    Stretching; when, why and how!

    •    What does ‘workout recovery' mean and look like?

    •    The importance of sleep

    •    How to do your treat meals right!

    •    Travel tips

    •    How to keep yourself accountable 

    •    Overcoming negativity

    •    What is YOUR circle of influence? 

    •    Some of my favorite quotes


For just $34, you will join thousands of woman and receive all of this and more, but I promise you, the BIGGEST result you will see from sticking to this program is a happier and healthier life that you will love and appreciate more than you can imagine.


If you feel that you're worth it and this might benefit you or someone you care about then jump over to my site and get yourself a copy, I am excited to announce we are working on a few more updates on this program that everyone who has purchased/will purchase will have updated! 


Program Photographer: Megan Batson

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